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EHS Class of 1958

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Back row: Ann Reynolds Paul, Gary Kirkpatrick, Nancy Larion Bodine, Fran Thorn Banasick, Helen Ohlen Gregory-Nopson, Jim Nopson, John T. Cooper ... Front row: Joanne Bradbury Peterson, Bobbie Parke Cheesman, Edith Campbell Clarke, Sandy Forsgren Konikson, Donna Irby Lundvall, Sue Embree Hoekstra, Dorothy Love Nopson ... Not pictured: Rowen Walters Headington ... (Server Sarah took our photo)

FYI: In preparing this page, I realize ...
1. ... that we have relaxed our photo opportunities in recent years, which is probably to be expected.
2. ... that I must work on a better way (less time-consuming for me) to rework all our lunch photo pages—a huge undertaking. With larger monitors came options for larger images, and with more gatherings came more photos and more html files. (I'll work on a fix later)
3. ... that I have learned much about creating Webpages, and how-to best organize the underlying html files and collection of images! Frustrating and time-intensive as it can be sometimes, I love doing it!
4. ... that the dust on my piano will be okay until tomorrow.

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