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Summer Picnic - 2006

Beautiful White Deer Farm on Whidbey Island
by Joanne Peterson

Saturday, July 29. . .   Once again, Ward Phillips hosted a wonderful Class of '58 gathering. Eighteen people attended, talking and talking AND TALKING . . . and, as always, eating. Now and then, Ward's peacock shouted outside the window of the Car Barn; otherwise, it was a peaceful Saturday at the farm. A quiet day for the reindeer.

    Someone must have put out the word that in addition to bringing our own individual lunches, we were having a dessert potluck. We tried to do justice to pies, cakes and cookies, but there were enough goodies left that it would have been a good plan to pack up left-overs and sell them—with proceeds to a food bank. Perhaps next year.

    Mostly our day was happy, but the gathering also gave opportunity to remember Cliff and Betty Shaw, whose death in a recent plane crash impacted us deeply. The consensus, of course, was that they died together doing something they loved. That doesn't make it easy to think of not seeing them again. Each time we lose a classmate, the loss diminishes us, but we hang on to each other, help one another. And every time we get together, we have an opportunity to know someone in our class a little better. What a gift!

    The following EHS Tigers, Class of '58, shared the day at Ward's:
Ward Philllips
Sharon Peterson
Sharon Johnson
Ron & Jan Hansen
Edith Clarke
Ann Reynolds Paul
Greg Bergere
Bruce Grimstad
Bruce Helm
Everett Costa
Sandy & Nick Konikson
Jim Nopson
Charlie & Bea Randall
Dick Schwehm
Joanne Bradbury Peterson

Thank you to Sharon Peterson for photos on this page
Joanne, Jim, Bruce & Ward
Joanne Bradbury Peterson, Jim Nopson, Bruce Helm & Ward Phillips
Chuck & Ron
Chuck Randall & Ron Hansen

inside the car barn
Joanne, Everett and Elvis
inside the car barn
Joanne, Bruce and Elvis

Sharon & Ward
Sharon Johnson & Ward Phillips
Chuck, Ward & Bruce
Ward Phillips, Chuck Randall & Bruce Helm

Ron Hansen & Everett Costa
Ron Hansen & Everett Costa
Nick & Sandy (Forsgren) Konikson
Nick & Sandy (Forsgren) Konikson with Jim Nopson

Jan Hansen
Jan Hansen (as in Mrs. Ron Hansen)
Bruce Grimstad
Bruce Grimstad

Sharon Peterson
Sharon Peterson & a local Joe.
Shamel, granddaughter of Sharon Peterson
Shamel  (Sharon Peterson's granddaughter) & local Joe.

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