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EHS Class of 1958




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Skagit Valley Casino, March 2001
(Standing L-R): Georgia Gibson Scoles, Kathy "Ryn" Diemert Streuli, Nancy Erickson Schaub, Cora Colby Hatt, Frances "Fran" Thorn Banasick, Helen Ohlen Gregory, Jackie Brodie Dieu and (seated) Saundra Richardson Little.

This was the first gathering beyond the "Skagit Lunch Bunch"—three hours of intensive visiting!

  That March gathering marked the beginning of a "peer-pressure" movement to reunite the EHS Class of 1958, and efforts to locate classmates began. It was surprisingly uncanny how each classmate, when contacted, was expressly in the mood to reunite and thrilled at the prospect of it!

The time is NOW. Please join us at the next lunch!
April 2001 . . . Arnies in Edmonds
      April of 2001 by word-of-mouth and a couple of news paper releases, 36 classmates and spouses met at Arnie's in Edmonds for lunch. It was the first real effort to assemble our classmates together in years, and just might be looked back upon as "the start of something BIG!"
Donna & Sue

Donna Irby Lundvall
Sue Embree Hoekstra
Mary & Arne Anderson

Mary Lien Anderson
& Arne Anderson
Georgia & Ryn

Georgia Purton LaBelle
Kathy "Ryn" Diemert Streuli


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John Magnuson June 2001    June 2001

John Magnuson heading out from the June lunch!
Helen & Gloria    September 2001

Helen (Ohlen) Gregory
Gloria (Hatcher) Gordon


January 2002, Marysville lunch!
January 2002    Marysville.

(Left) Norm Moran, Dorothy (Love) Nopson, Jimmy Nopson, Melinda Nopson.

(Right) Don Hawkinson and wife Ruthie.

    Photos: Rose Wallace Egan

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April 2002 16 for lunch in Marysville!
Bruce Grimstad
Bruce Grimstad
Carolyn McAnulty Hurley
Carolyn McAnulty Hurley
Rose Wallace Egan
Rose Wallace Egan
Frederickson & Johnson
Fred Frederickson & Sharon Mouldey Johnson
Nancy Mason Clasen
Nancy Mason Clasen
Betty Shaw
Betty Franciscus Shaw
Cliff Shaw
Cliff Shaw
Sandra Forsgren Konikson
Sandra Forsgren Konikson
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May 2002 May 18, 2002 in Marysville

BACK ROW (standing): Allen Borseth, Arlene Johnson Halsen, Dorothy Love Nopson, Nancy Mason Clasen, Jim Nopson, Fred Frederickson (birthday boy!), Phil Jenkins, Cliff Shaw

FRONT ROW (seated): Ryn (Kathy) Diemert Streuli, Janet Donnell LaPlant, Rose Wallace Egan, Joanne Bradbury Peterson, Helen Ohlen Gregory, Betty Franciscus Shaw, Melinda (Mrs. Jim) Nopson.

(OK, OK, next time we'll take the dirty dishes away first ...!)   photo by the server, with Arlene's camera.

June lunch
Best server in Marysville! Patty serves coffee at the June lunch.
Carolyn, Betty, Cliff, Patty, Allen, and Nancy
Ward Phillips
"I intend to share these desserts. Really!"
J.Ward Phillips
Ken Shirey
Ken Shirey ... remember Alderwood School? Mr. Doyle's 8th grade class!

     September 2002       photos by Arlene Johnson Halsen PAGE TOP
Jay Cockrum
Jay Cockrum
Janice Seigel Crouch
Gloria Hatcher & Helen Ohlen
Gloria Hatcher Gordon &
Helen Ohlen Gregory
Phil Jenkins & Bruce Grimstad
Phil Jenkins & Bruce Grimstad
John & Judy Wagner
John Wagner & Judy Davis Wagner
Dorothy Warren Schulz & Phil Schulz
Dorothy Warren Schulz & Phil Schulz


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