Class of 1958 ~ Edmonds High School
Gone, but not forgotten ...

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Alan Roderick Leise
Anne Marie Hurley ... Feb 1940 - Jun 1978
Arlene Wheeler
Arnie McKay
Barbara Wright ... accident involving a logging truck
Betty Franciscus Shaw
Bill Ferris
Bill Moran
Carol Strandin Oldis ... 2005? per internet notice by daughter, Laura
Carole Berg Campbell
Cliff Shaw
Cynthia Van Houten Davis
Darrell Greer
David Stewart Pittsenbarger
Denis Rogers
Diane Wendell Skewes
Dick Minugh
Dick Nicholson
Don Belka ... No details
Donna Maxwell ... d.11.23.12
Edward "Ed" Clark
Everett G. Gutschmidt
Frederick J. McFarland
George Remi Roberge ... waterfront dock accident
Geri Palmer Obannon
Gloria Hatcher Gordon
Ida May Robinson

Jackie Malloy Metcalf
Jacqualine "Jackie" Mayme Brodie Mears Dieu
Jane E. Hania Genco ... Mar 1940-Jul 1996
Janet Casebeer Koonce
Jean V. Symmes Sawyer
Jerrold A. "Jerry" Ballard
Jill K. Chadwick Bresch
Jimmy Allingham
Jo-Ann Miller Medling
John F. Eubank
Joyce Shively Pittman
Judi Birge Lane ... 09/04/40 - 12/15/97. Cancer
Judy Spencer Copenhaver ... no details
Karen Corning Vose
Karen Johnson Smith ... 1/10/40 - 3/2/04
Karen Thompson Miller
Kenneth C. Shirey ... 1939 - 10/20/16
Kenneth L. Oberg
Larry W. Campbell
Luella June Studley VanParys
Margie Jean Smith Phelps
Marilyn Taylor
Mark Hammer
Marlene Kay Horton Nelson
Mary Louise "Bambi" Schmidt ... brain aneurysm while at work
Maurine Hulse
Michael "Mickey" Johnson
Michael Loren "Mick" Curry
Mike Berger
Mike Jungers

Patricia "Pat" Bailey ... 10/11/39 - 10/14/60. Rheumatic heart disease
Patricia A. Gorman King
Paul M. Rook
Penelope "Penny" Campbell Herrick ... 04/04/40 - 05/11/00. Cancer
Phillip Lynn "Phil" Jenkins
Raymond L. "Ray" Christ
Ray Roy Stuart
Roger Bueing ... 3/22/38 - 5/25/12
Roger A. "Lucky" DuFresne ... 12/07/38 - 04/16/78
Ronald "Ron" Hansen
Rose Wallace Campbell
Ruth Helene Hellerud
Solon S. Scott ... 04/22/40 - 07/31/09
Stephen Paul Campbell
Thomas Theodore "Tom" Mobley
Virgil Mitchell Allbery
Wallace Henry "Wally" Schurle
Wendell Bradley "Wendy" Phillips
Wayne L. Bellinger
Wesley Schulberg ... 08/26/40 - 05/12/95
Yvonne Veil ... accidental carbon monoxide poisioning

Aliverti, Ed ... 1933-2010
Anderson, Robert ... 1918-2012
Beaver,Helen ... 1913-2010
Blendheim, John ... 1926-2013
Cunningham, Frank ... 1922-2013
Hennum, Mary C. ... 1914-2008
Hollingshead, John & Ruth ... 2001 & 2003
Rothnie, James ... 1930-2015
Rowe, Richard ...1911-2008
Selvidge, George ... 1921-2013
Smith, Stuart ... 1922-2010
Westerhuis, Ruth ... 1914 - 1999
Quince bouquet
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