Edmonds High School Class of 1958
Roll call . . . "Absent"      If you have a current mailing address, e-mail address, or leads of any kind (husband's name, last known address, phone, friends, relatives, employer, etc.) toward finding any of the "absent" classmates listed below, please send that information to to Helen at  info@ehs58.org   Thanks.

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Alan Westenhoffer ... see Class of 1957
Alyce Rosaline Wigdahl Hoyt
Arlis Stimpson
B. Elizengo
B. Logg
B. Nelson
Babs Black
Barbara Brown Hjort
Bev Henry
Bill Jones
Bill North
Bob/Robert Rothschiller
Carol Mitchell
Carol Tutmark Gudinski ...mail ret'd
Charles Holt
Christine Carol Walthew
Clydene Johnson
Colleen Rae Berglund Duval
Crystal Gladwin
D. Hiersikorn
David Stewart Neer
David Lee Shaw
Dennis Lammers
Dennis Morris ...mail ret'd
Dennis Westby
Diane McConnell
Dick Waldrop
Donna Rice
E. Beauchap
E. Brown
Elaine Mae Wright Matenile
Estella Walton
Evelyn Ann Dallman Phlitzeh
Forest Foster
Frances Christine Oberg Hosteller
G. Barber
G. Huffman
Gary Harmon ... (located July 2016)
George L. Rose
Grace Line
J. Akerstrom
J. Bowers
J. Fillbrandt
J. Rodgers
Jack Morton
Jack Stuart ...mail ret'd
Jackie Case Ashley Harold ...mail ret'd
Janet Seabery
Jencine Olive Ramstad Kwas
Jerry Bergren
Joan Simpson
Joan Smith
John Franklin Eubank ...mail ret'd
John H. Sherfy
John Keith Noah ...mail ret'd
John Ross Gill
Juanita Graham
Judith Lee 'Judy' Goodrich Larson
Judy (Paul) Perkins ... mail ret'd
Judy Peters
June Margaret Knight
Karen Kae Knight
L. Bette
Lance Daniel See
Larry Glenn Davis
Larry Lusier seen on Classmates.com
Linda Nuzsbaum (Sp?)
Lois Woodworth
Loretta Barrett Gillis
Loyal Eugene Fadden
Lynn Hubbard
Mabel DeWald
Martha Fay Reynolds
Mary Joanne Simpson Adams
Melvin "Mel" Carl Knutson ...mail ret'd
O. Hicky
P. Fischer
Pat Jones
Pauline Costa
R. Bacino
R. Carlson
R. Reiter
Ray Roy Stuart ...mail ret'd
Richard Bettes
Roger (Earl Roger) Curry
Ron McLaughlin
Ron Noack
Ronald Still
Rosalie Diane Griffin
Ruth Evans
Sally Lou Kinlock Whitman
Sandra Newton Miller
Sharon Eloise Averill Snyder
Sherry Marlin ...(incomplete address)
Stanley Hall "Stan" Talley
Steve Bowdish
T. (Tami ?) Ferguson
Thomas Atkin
Tom St.John
Tony Killian
Walter Calvin Knutson
Wayne A. Johnson
William Fred Patterson
Zona Stroud

NOTE: Many of these names attended Edmonds' schools during our "Class of 58" years (1946-1958) but left before 1958.