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TEARING ACROSS THE GOAL line in real college style last Thursday was Dick Schewhm number 30, of Lynnwood Junior High school as they trounced Perpertual Help Junior High of Everett 20 to 0. It was the first win of the season—and the last game—for the local boys. Helping make the play is Roger Johnson number 28.
Edmonds Little Leaguers Tops;
Merry Tillers Win First Game

By Neil McReynolds
Edmonds Retains
Lead in League
League Standings W   L   
Edmonds ..................70
Alderwood ...............44
Lynnwood ................45
Merry Tillers .............27
    Edmonds captured their sixth and seventh victories of the season as they remined undefeated and in first plaace in the Mid-City Little Baseball League.
     The Edmonds nine defeated the Merry Tillers, 8-2, June 17, and then swamped Lynnwood, 19-5, on Friday evening.
     In the other games during the week, Lynnwood topped Alderwood 6-1 and Merry Tillers dropped Alderwood again, 6-4, on Friday.
     Tommy Kjolso homered for Edmonds against Merry Tillers to spark the sinner's hitting attack. Batteries for Edmonds were Schwehm, Kjolso, and Kjolso Schwehm and for Merry Tillers, Austinson, McKinnon, and Oberg.
     Kjolso again sparked the Edmonds nine as they walloped Lynnwood. He picked up two hits as did Lambe, Edmonds outfielder, and Grimstad, Lynnwood third sacker. Kjolso also pulled off several smooth fielding plays at shortstop as did Freddie Walker at third base for Edmonds.
     Batteries for the Edmonds-Lynnwood contest were for Edmonds Kladnick and Schwehm and for Lynnwood, Hill, Eastman, and Semas.
     Paced by Oberg's and Arnim's homers, Merry Tillers eked out a 6-4 win over Alderwood. Butch Homberg hit three bingles in three trips for the losers in his first game of the season.
     Lynnwood's Semas smashed out two doubles as he lead his team to a 6-1 victory over Alderwood. Miller, winning pitcher, whiffed 12 Alderwood batters.
Edmonds Defeats Lynnwood, 5 to 4
League Standings W   L   
Edmonds ......... 90
Lynnwood ...... 56
Alderwood ....... 45
Merry Tillers .... 28
     Lynnwood gave the league leading Edmonds nine a "scare" Wednesday evening, July 2, as the local boys eked out a 5-4 victory in the only contest in the Mid-City Little League last week.
     The score was tied, 4-4, going into the last of the seventh inning. Two walks and a single by Arne McKay loaded the sacks for Edmonds, and then Larry Kladnick singled to right to drive in the winning tally.
Eighth Game Won By Edmonds Lil's
League Standings W   L   
Edmonds ......... 80
Alderwood ...... 55
Lynnwood ....... 45
Merry Tillers .... 28
    Edmonds, Mid-City Little League leaders, will play host to a little league team from Bainbridge Island tomorrow afternoon at the Edmonds High School athletic field during the 4th of July celebration.
     The local nine has previously beaten Bainbridge, 8-2, on the loser's diamond.
     Edmonds continued to lead the Mid-City circuit as they racked up a 6-3 win over Alderwood, Tuesday, June 24. In another game that night, Lynnwood moved into second place, outscoring Merry Tillers, 8-4.
     Friday's little league contests were washed out as well as the Merry Tillers-Richland game slated for Saturday afternoon as part of the Mountlake Terrace celebration.
     Tommy Kjolso and Dick Engels each clouted homers for Edmonds. Kjolso pitched one hit ball as Tommy Dobbs nicked him for a long bingle.
     In Lynnwood's win, Simas, Miller and Lindbloom each poled out two hits for the winners while Steele of Merry Tillers also whacked out two singles.
Edmonds Loses In Little League Play
League Standings W   L   
Edmonds ........ 112
Lynnwood ...... 68
Alderwood ...... 56
Merry Tillers .... 48
     Edmonds was dropped from the unbeaten ranks last week by Merry Tillers and Alderwood in Mid-City Little League action.
     Merry Tillers outlasted the local nine in a wild and woolly game, Friday evening, at Mountlake Terrace. The final score read 21-12. Alderwood again turned the trick on Saturday afternoon in the nightcap of a doubleheader, 7-4.
     In addition to their first two setbacks of the season last week, Edmonds youngsters wallopped Alderwood, 14-5,
League Standings W   L   
Edmonds ..................50
Alderwood ...............42
Lynnwood ................35
Merry Tillers .............16
    Edmonds continued to lead the Mid-City Little Baseball League as they walloped Lynnwood 26-3, Tuesday, June 10.
     Alderwood dropped its second game as lowly Merry Tillers came through with their first win of the season, 10-1.
     Tommy Kjolso, Dick Engels and Cladnik were among the big guns in the Edmonds hitting attack as the local nine battered the opposition for 24 hits.
     Kjolso smashed out a home run and two singles while Engels and Kladnik each picked up four blows in four trips.

Edmonds in Jamboree
     Edmonds, the league leaders, represented the Mid-City Little League Friday night at the Little League Jamboree sponsored by the Seattle P-I.
     Nine teams, four representing the North Seattle Area and five representing the South part of town, battled it out at Sick's Seattle Stadium. North beat South twice, 5-4 and 5-1.
     Edmonds played two innings in the second game, representing the North side. They fought to a 0-0 tie with the Seattle Optomists in one inning, and then equaled their score in the next inning against Harry Perkins of Seattle.
     Before the game, more than 500 uniforned boys, representing nine

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leagues in the Seattle area, paraded before the grandstand. Alderwood, Lynnwood, Merry Tillers and Edmonds participated in the parade.
    Edmonds was well represented and Dick Engels blasted one out there.

Games Scheduled with Richland
     Edmonds and Alderwood will play a double header with Little League teams from Richland, Washington. No date has been set, but the games will be on a home and home basis.
     Edmonds, Lynnwood and Merry Tillers have each played several practice games with other teams in this area.
     The local nine walloped Bainbridge, 8-2, but lost to the Ballard Elks. Both Lynnwood and Merry Tillers have been beaten by the powerful Northgate Lions.

Two Tournaments Announced
     Two tournaments have been announced for the Little Leaguers. One is the Seattle Area Championship sponsored by the Seattle P-I and the other is the Washington State Championship which will be played in either Seattle or Richland.
     Competing for the Royal Brougham Trophy in the first annual Seattle area tournament will be the league champs of each of the nine Little Leagues in the local vicinity.
     For the state meet, an all-star team from each league in the state will participate in the tournament with the winner going to the regionals and then the national championships.
Merry Tillers Play
Game At Terrace
     Merry Tillers of the Mid-City Little League will entertain the Desert Inn Hotel nine of Richland Saturday afternoon in a single contest on a new diamond at Mountlake Terrace. Game time is 2 o'clock.
     The diamond was set up according to Little League regulations and was built primarily for this game. No admission will be charged for this Little League game, which is a return game since Edmonds and Alderwood traveled to Richland last weekend for a doubleheader at the Atomic City.
     Thrifty Drug, Richland's league leader, eked out a 3-1 victory over Edmonds, top team in the local league, while the Richland Barbers defeated Alderwood, 9-2.
     Edmonds scored its lone run as Dick Engels doubled home Arnold McKay who had singled ahead of him. Dick Schwehm and Tom Kjolso handled the pitching chores for the local nine.
     Alderwood scored early, but could not hold the lead as the home team piled up runs. Brevick and Johnson hurled for the losers.
     The game was played before a large and enthusiastic crowd in Richland's Little League baseball park, which was built according to Little League specifications.
     The home team entertained the boys by taking them to the movies and to a swimming pool. The boys were also guests at the Desert Inn Hotel.

Little Leaguers To Enter Tournament
     Mid-City Little League all-stars will take the field Friday night at 7:30 at White Center Stadium in their first game of the Washington State Qualifying tournament for the Seattle area.
     The local squad will meet the Service League all-stars of Seattle in the fourth game of the tournament—the first for Mid-City nine.
     Members of the Service League are the Magnolia Red Sox, Queen Anne Lions, Rainier Juniors, and Magnolia Cubs. The 15 best players will be chosen
Kjolso Pitches One-Hit
LL Ball Game
League Standings
Merry Tillers
     Edmonds, Mid-City Little League leaders, won the only game played last week as Tommy Kjolso hurled a brilliant one hit, 1-0, shutout over Merry Tillers, Friday evening, at Mountlake Terrace.
     Kjolso limited the cellar dwellers to a lone single by Morris in the bottom of the fifth. In winning his fifth game of the season, he struck out 14 of the 32 batters that faced him and failed to walk a single hitter.
     After two were out in the fifth, Kjolso singled and scored Edmonds' only run as Dick Engels, first sacker, hit his second two base hit of the night.
     Other game during the week were either called because of rain or moved up to another date because of the practice for the state qualifying tournament.
     Box score:
Womer, rf
Williamson, lf
Magnuson lf,
McKay, 2b
Lambe, cf
Schwehm, cf, 2b
Kjolson, p
Engels, 1b
Litz, ss
Kladnick, c
Knowlton, 3b
Rodibaugh, rf



Merry Tillers
Otness, p
Arnim, 1b
Austinson, 3b
Obert, c
Rosenberg, cf
Morris, ss
Sanford, 2b
Steele, lf
Klein, rt



     Dick Engels was the "big gun" for Edmonds, collecting two hits in two trips and fielding his poisition at first base exceptionally well.
     Lynnwood's Johnny Miller whacked out a home run and three singles to lead the visitors.
     The two little league games scheduled for Tuesday, July 1, were cancelled when all the league players and their parents received free tickets to the Seattle Rainier game that night.
     The Edmonds-Bainbridge Island game scheduled for the Fourth of July was caancelled because of bad weather.
     Edmonds and Alderwood are scheduled to make up two games in a Saturday double header on July 12 at Alderwood.
     Short score for the Edmonds-Lynnwood game:
Edmonds . . . .
Lynnwood . . .

     Batteries: Edmonds-Schwehm, Kjolso, and Kjolso, Schwehm. Lynnwood—Miller and Simas.
Edmonds LLs Take
Mid-City Crown
League Standings W   L   
Edmonds ......... 123
Lynnwood ...... 79
Alderwood ....... 67
Merry Tillers .... 59
     Edmonds clinched the Mid-City Little League baseball championship Friday night as they squeezed past Alderwood, 11-10, in a thriller on the loser's diamond.
     Earlier in the week, the local nine had dropped a 12-9 decision to Lynnwood on the Edmonds baseball field.
    In the only other games during the week, Merry Tillers walloped Lynnwood, 19-7, Friday evening at Edmonds and Alderwood knocked over Merry Tillers, 10-8, Tuesday, July 15.
     In the Edmonds-Alderwood game, the local boys had a 11-9 margin with two out in the last inning when
on Tuesday, July 8, and again on Saturday in the first game of a doubleheader, 15-3.
     Pacing the Edmonds sluggers in the four contests last week were Tommy Kjolso who blasted out four homers, two doubles, and a pair of singles; Arnold McKay who whacked out three doubles and four singles; and Dick Schwehm who connected for seven hits in nine trips to the plate.
     Two other games were played during the week. Merry Tillers defeated Lynnwood, 9-3, on Tuesday, July 8, at Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood walloped Alderwood, 10-5, Friday night at Edmonds.
     Top hitters during the week's play were Rosenberg and Oberg for Merry Tillers, Simas and Grimstad for Lynnwood, and Brevick for Alderwood.
     Short scores:
Tuesday, July 8 R   H   E  
    Lynnwood ...... 3 4 3
    Merry Tillers .... 9 8 0
BATTERIES: Lynnwood—North and Simas. Merry Tillers—McKinnon and Oberg
    Edmonds ....... 14 8 1
    Alderwood ......... 5 3 1
BATTRIES: Edmonds — Schwehm, Kjolso and Kjolso, Schwehm. Alderwood —Hopkins and Johnson.
Friday, July 11 R   H   E  
    Merry Tillers ...... 21 10 0
    Edmonds .... 12 12 4
BATTERIES: Merry Tillers — Austinson and Oberg. Edmonds — Schwehm, Kladnik, and Kjolso, Schwehm.
    Alderwood ....... 5 1 3
    Lynnwood ..... 10 15 1
BATTRIES: Alderwood: Brewick and Johnson. Lynnwood — North, Eastman, and Simas.
Saturday, July 12 R   H   E  
    Edmonds ...... 15 11 1
    Alderwood .... 3 5 3
BATTERIES: Edmonds —Kjolso, Kladnik and Kladnik, Kjolso. Alderwood — Johnson and Strobeck.
    Edmonds ....... 4 7 2
    Alderwood ......... 7 9 0
BATTRIES: Edmonds —Lambe and Kladnik. Alderwood —Hopkins and Johnson.
from these teams.      First round games will be played on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with second round games on Saturday. The championship and consolation games will be played Monday evening at Sick's Seattle Stadium.
     The winner of this tourney will be awarded the Seattle area title and a trip to the Washington State tournament at Richland, August 8-9.
     Edmonds' Tommy Kjolso will chuck the first half of the game for the local stars tomorrow night and Johnny Miller of Lynnwood will finish up. Ken Oberg of the Merry Tillers will be behind the plate.
     The remainder of the squad is composed of Roger Johnson, Alderwood, catcher; Bill North, Lynnwood, pitcher; Dick Engels, Edmonds, and Pat Arnim, Merry Tillers, first base; Arnold McKay, Edmonds, and Dennis Morris, Merry Tillers, second base; Bruce Grimstad, Lynnwood, shortstop.
     Neal Austinson, Lynnwood, and Don Merry, Alderwood, third base; Dave Hopkins, Alderwood, Larry Poulsen, Alderwood, Gunnar Otness, Merry Tillers, and Dick Schwehm, Edmonds, outfielders.
     Arnold McKay of Edmonds will coach the team with Jim Clemans and Jim Miller, both of Lynnwood as his assistants. Harold Williamson of Edmonds will serve as manager.
Plan Baseball Loop For Graduates Of Little League
     After our highly successful season of Little League Baseball, we are going to make plans for those who will be graduating from Little League. Our new program will be called Pony Legue, derived from the words Protect Our Nations Youth.
     This League is a logical follow-up for Little League, which will permit its Alumni to participate for two years more in organized baseball under the supervision and guidance of responsible citizens who are interested in the welfare of boys.
     Our country cries urgently for young people of physical stamina and moral integrity who have an understanding of democratic principles and of our American way of life. Adult America must put its faith, its patience, its time and money into its youth as an investment in the future.
     If the boys of today can be moulded into men who will be better citizens tomorrow because of their having been associated with movements such as this, then the efforts of those who have conceived the porgram and those in our area, who have made it work, will not have been in vain.
     The aims and policies of Pony League Baseball speak out clearly decisively in its slogan . . . PROTECT OUR NATIONS YOUTH.
     It is up to you whether we can carry out this operation. We need your help in building and financ. If everyone in Lynnwood, Alderwood and Edmonds gave 50 cents, these boys could have one year of the finest, clanest sport of their life. We of Little League want to hear from you. Please give what you can.
     Representatives are: Edmonds, Harold Williamson; Alderwood, Russ Barton; Mountlake Terrace, Lynn Kirkpatrick; Lynnwood, James Clemmens.
             WALTER W. SPRAGUE
Pres. of Mid-City Little League
Alderwood loaded the sacks. The losers tallied one run to bring the score to 11-10, with the bases still loaded.      Tommy Kjolson, Edmonds' chucker, then struck out the next Alderwood hitter and the side was retired before any further damage could be done.
     Pacing the Edmonds hitters to victory were Kjolso and Dick Schwehm. Kjolso whacked out five hits during the two games last week, including two homers, a double, and two singles. Schwehm collected four hits.
     Other standout batters in the league were Simas and Miller who each picked up five hits for Lynnwood. Simas had four doubles and a single while Miller was accredited with two doubles and three singles.
     Short scores:
   R   H   E  
    Lynnwood ...... 12 10 1
    Edmonds .... 9 11 5
BATTERIES: Lynnwood — Miller, North, and Simas. Edmonds —Schwehm, Kladnik, and Kladnik, Schwehm.
    Alderwood ....... 10 6 5
    Merry Tillers ......... 8 7 6
BATTERIES: Alderwood —Brevick and Johnson. Merry Tillers —Otness, McKinnon, and Oberg.
   R   H   E  
    Edmonds ...... 11 14 0
    Alderwood .... 10 9 1
BATTERIES: Edmonds —Kjolso and Kladnik. Alderwood —Hopkins and Johnson
    Merry Tillers ....... 19 10 2
    Lynnwood ......... 7 8 8
BATTERIES: Merry Tillers —Austinson and Oberg. Lynnwood —North, Eastman, and Simas.


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