Edmonds High School ~ Class of 1958

The following classmates have been removed from our monthly reminder/update list because email addresses were returned as invalid.    Last update ... Oct 16, 2017
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Sept 22, 2015 ... EHS'58 email and snail-mail address lists were lost due to double-whammy problems with my computer. The September update & reminder emails were sent to a list saved from September of 2014. If your email has changed since then, or you had requested to be removed from the list, please so-advise me at

The most current version of snail-mail addresses I found is from October of 2007. If you've changed mailing address since that time, please so-advise me also.    Thanks!
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Beatrice (Beeson) Doty ... 10.22.2011
Bob Lewis ... Nov 2015, User unknown
Bruce Baker ... 01.19.2015
Cammy Murphy ...
Claire Eckart ... 09.17.2012
Dick Schwehm ...
Donna Bailey Zabell ... 04.21.2012
Ed Sylvia ... 06.16.14; 07.21.14 rejected
Evelyn Nissen Kubin ... 07.16.15 user unknown
Everett Costa ... 01.21.2013 | 02.18.2013
Gerry Sundquist ...
Gordon (Quam) Oyler ... 06/17/13
Jeanne Phillips Norris ... 05.31.2010
Joan Yates Tahami ... 06.16.14 address rejected
Judy Attebury Momany ... 03.17.2014
Judy Collins ... 10.16.2017
Renee Rogers Foss ... 03.18.2013
Sharon Stevens Blegen ... 11.30.2009
Sherry Marlin ...

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