50th Anniversary Reunion
August 2-3, 2008

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  Our 50th Anniversary Reunion celebration! Saturday, August 2, 2008 at the Edmonds Senior Center on the waterfront.
registration desk
  Registration desk - Sharon (Mouldey) Johnson, Sharon Peterson & Gloria (Hatcher) Gordon
Greg, Paul, Larry & Jim
  Greg Bergere, Paul Sorensen, Larry Campbell, Jim Nopson ... perhaps discussing the decorating job. See also "How it came about" on Page 8.

  The decorations are up, the lights are turned on, the music is playing, the tables are set—let the party begin!
Memorial Boards
  Memorial Boards for our dearly departed classmates. In recognition, their names were read during the evening ceremonies by Joanne Bradbury Peterson.
Washington State Ferry arrives at Edmonds
  As you may have noticed by the window reflection in the previous photo, Washington State ferry traffic was day-long and captivating.   Don't miss the tour of the old school building at 2:30 pm!   [PAGE 2 ]

Linda, Dave and Larry
  Welcome . . . Linda (Shelton) and Dave Martin, Larry Campbell. Background: Herb Streuli, spouse of Ryn (Kathy Diemert) Streuli.
Ann & Phyllis
  Ann Reynolds Paul and Phyllis Knowles
  Dorothy Love Nopson, Duane Gillis, René Rogers

Ed & Janet Sylvia
  Ed and Janet Sylvia
Fran, Colleen
  Fran Thorn Banasick, Colleen Maloy Pinner
  Barbara and Gerry Sundquist

Jan & Jay Cockrum, Gary & Janice Kirkpatrick
  Jan & Jay Cockrum, Gary & Janice Kirkpatrick
John, Pat
  John Magnuson and Pat Arnim
John, Pat, Bruce & Bruce
  John Magnuson, Pat Arnim, Bruce Grimstad, Bruce Helm

Fran, Jim, Rose, Larry
  Fran Thorn Banasick, Jim Nopson, Rose Wallace Campbell, Larry Campbell
Sharon Pursche, George Gale
  Sharon Pursche Hollatz, George Gale
Irene, Jack Thompson, Paula M.
Irene and Jack Thompson, Paula Miller McClanahan 

Jack, Greg, Sue
  Jack Eschrich, Greg Bergere, Sue Collins Eschrich
Judy, sister
  guest, Judy Attebury Momany
Judy, Bruce, ?
  guest, Bruce Grimstad, Judy Attebury Momany

Cora, John Wagner, Bill Moran, Steve Wicks
  (Cora), John Wagner, Bill Moran, Steve Wicks
Chuck, Lana, Larry, Linda
  (Chuck), Lana and Larry Hanson, Linda Shelton Martin
Al, Jack, Duane
  Alan Leise, Jack Eschrich, Duane Gillis

Carol?, Sue, Roger
  Carol Arnim ?, Sue and Roger Johnson
Norm, Sue, Roger, Anita
  Norm Moran, Sue and Roger Johnson, Anita Moran
tick... tick... tick... tour starts at 2:30 pm...
  A pause here for photos from our 2:30 pm tour of the "old school" building [next page].  Saturday reunion photos resume on Page 3

Photos on this page thanks to Helen Gregory, Gary Smith, Gloria Gordon, Nick Konikson     Page top
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